Whitening KIT Refill!

Whitening KIT Refill!


Impressive results, professional quality, zero post-treatment sensitivity, easy to use and ready to give you the smile of your dreams in no time!

Our proprietary whitening system delivers the best results at an accesible price, and also gives the patient the ability to apply the treatment in the comfort of his own place. Included in the kit is everything needed to perform the process. However, the customer must have their Universal MouthTrays.

Treatment period: 14 days.

This Take-Home Whitening Kit includes:

  • 6White by DrGSmile whitening gel syringe
  • 1White by DrGSmileprotective case for your whitening dental trays.
  • 1White by DrGSmileprotective case to keep your 6 syringes.
  • 1Instruction manual.
I want to shine!