Sugar Control

Sugar Control


120 capsules.

Why is the Sugar Control by DrGSmile, good for you:

✅ It's an advanced blood sugar support formula to enchance insulin sensitivity and optimize healthy postprandial (after mealtime) blood sugar levels.

✅ It features five key ingredients for healthy blood sugar and insulin function in healthy individuals: cinnamon, american ginseng, gymmena, green tea, polyphenols and fenugreek in therapic dosages

✅ Complies or exceeds, cGMP quality standards.

✅ Perfect for vegetarians.


Proud to say it does NOT contain:

❌ PCBs

❌ Heavy Metals.

❌ Pesticides.

❌ Preservatives.

❌ Milk, fish, eggs, shellfishes, nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy.

❌ Gluten.



Take four (4) capsules a day or as prescribed by your doctor.

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