Smile Design by drgsmile - First consultation

Smile Design by drgsmile - First consultation


Are you ready to have the smile you always dreamed about? 

The procedure is done by drgsmile himself, so you'll be in the hands of the best.

Among the people that have approached DRG to have their Smile Design done, there are Miss Universe contestants -and winners-, TV and  Movie Stars, and over 250 celebrities from all over the world, that chose this procedure as the way to have the best smile anyone in the world could provide. 


What is a Smile Design?
A Smile Design is our signature process in which we analize your overall oral  features and appearance to determine the best smile, and have it done for you in almost no-time! 

Before you have a celebrity-grade smile, you must go through a first consultation at our Studio, since we examine each case individually in order to achieve premium results every time and provide you with personalized attention and care.

This is the first step to have a perfect, red-carpet smile. 

See you at the Studio!



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