Omega 950

Omega 950


60 Softgales.

Why is Omega 950 by DrGSmile good for you?

✅ Obtained from fishes that dwell in deep, cold, ocean water.

✅ Molecular distilled..

✅ Completely pure and verified according to the greatest quality standards in the world.

✅ Free from PCBs, heavy metals and pesticides.

✅ Complies, and exceeds, cGMP quality standards.

✅ Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of Ethyl Ester.


Proud to say it does NOT contain:

❌ PCBs

❌ Heavy Metals.

❌ Pesticides.

❌ Artificial Colors.

❌ Sugar.

❌ Preservatives.

❌ Milk, fish, eggs, shellfishes, nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy.

❌ Gluten.


Take one (1) to three (3) softgels a day or as your doctor prescribes it.


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